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David T. Turnbaugh's Md. Duck Stamp Winning Entries

Dave Turnbaugh is the only 6-time winner in the history of Maryland’s prestigious Migratory Game Bird  Stamp Design Contest, having just won the 2010-2011 competition.
Dave reproduces limited edition prints of his paintings. Order yours today!

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2010-2011 Winner

Dave Turnbaugh's Hooded Merganzer - winning Maryland Duck Stamp 2010

"Marsh Dweller"

Hooded Merganser
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     Dave Turnbaugh’s oil painting "Marsh Dweller" won the “Duck Stamp” competition held Saturday, March 27, 2010 at the Patuxent Wildlife Art Show held at the National Wildlife Visitors Center in Laurel, Md. Entries are judged for artistic merit, scientific accuracy, and for consideration of stamp design. Dave’s rendering of a Hooded Merganser walking through a marsh setting will be compressed and reproduced in stamp form for use as the 2010-2011 game bird hunting license.

     Approximately 50,000 stamps are sold annually, raising nearly $0.5 million for Maryland’s game bird research and habitat enhancement programs. Since its inception in 1974, over $6 million in stamp revenue has been used to create and improve waterfowl migration and wintering habitats. Duck stamps are widely collected and are available through the Department of Natural Resources ( or by contacting Maryland Realist.

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Signed by the artist.
Numbered ### / 1400.  EDITION SIZE is limited to 1400 Standard Edition prints (and 160 Artists Proofs).
Printed on highest-quality paper in full color.
The approximate image size is approx. 6 ½” x 9” and the paper size is about 12 ½” x 14”.
bulletEnclosed in its original custom printed folder.
bulletIncludes a mint stamp.
bullet Guaranteed in perfect condition. Please note: The description above pertains to these original prints being offered for sale. The picture images presented herein are cropped due to artist's restrictions.

CALL 410-665-1903 
for availability and prices for
Artist Proofs and/or pencil or color remarques.


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 I also have the actual Stamps available!


The Chesapeake Bay is North America's largest and most biologically diverse estuary. It is home to more than 3,600 species of plants, fish and animals. The Bay and its tributaries sustain the region's economy and define its traditions and culture. It is an extraordinary resource, deserving the highest levels of protection and restoration.

More about Chesapeake Waterfowl Art:
The Ward Museum of Waterfowl Art - The most comprehensive collection of wildfowl carving in the world invites you to explore this unique, indigenous North American art form ...

The Waterfowl Festival - A wildlife art and sportsman's expo featuring nature and wildlife paintings, sculpture, carvings, duck stamps, photography, ....

Chesapeake Bay Recovery Project - The partnership was created to raise funds from public and private sources and to implement large-scale, integrated Chesapeake Bay restoration projects ... Donate to the Oyster Recovery Partnership


When you purchase a Duck Stamp print from this page, a portion of the proceeds go to benefit charities devoted to “Preserve, Protect and Restore those habitats and natural areas vital to the survival and diversity of the living resources of the Bay and its tributaries.”

2004-05 Maryland Duck Stamp Winner
"October Day"
Pintails rest on quiet Chesapeake Bay marsh
 ** $140 **

2000-01 Maryland Duck Stamp Print
2000-01 Maryland Duck Stamp Print

"Bay Denizens"
Oldsquaws fly near Thomas Point Lighthouse
** $200 **

1996-97 Maryland Duck Stamp Print
1996-97 Maryland Duck Stamp Print

"On the Wing"
Canada Geese fly over Eastern Shore cornfield
** $200 **

1991-92 Maryland Duck Stamp Print
1991-92 Maryland Duck Stamp Print

"Almost Spring"
Shovelers visit Maryland marsh
** $200 **

1985-86 Maryland Duck Stamp Print
1985-86 Maryland Duck Stamp Print

"Wintering Canadas"
Canada Geese over snow covered field
** $250 **

Proud Sponsor of Ducks Unlimited, Annapolis Chapter

Please contact Maryland Realist Ltd.
We prefer the old-fashioned telephone: (410) 665-1903
Snail-mail: 1833 Deveron Road; Baltimore, Maryland 21234
E-mail: David . Turnbaugh at Maryland Realist . com

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