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Limited Edition Prints of Waterfowl, Landscapes and Lighthouses by David T. Turnbaugh
"Art is more than my livelihood. It's my passion, the way I capture and celebrate life." Dave taught school for twelve years and gave in to his passion to become a full-time artist more than 30-years ago. He is well known for his paintings of the Maryland's Eastern Shore and landscapes of the Mid-Atlantic States.

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The Call to Ivory Mill
Print - The Call to Ivory Mill, Harford County Landmark

Harford County Historic Landmark
** $140 **

Matthew Wiley acquired property along Deer Creek prior to 1790 and a frame or log mill was already on the site. In 1818 the mill was in ill repair and was replaced with a stone and frame three-story building, which still stands today. It was again renovated in 1890. The name "Ivory Mill" goes back a long way but no one knows for sure how old the name really is. The mill is in Harford County, Maryland. Five successive Wiley generations of professional millers owned and operated the mill serving the Harford County community until 1935. Grains were hauled to the mill, loaded into the hopper, ground, bagged, and sent to market.
     Artistically speaking, buildings such as Ivory Mill are a joy to paint. The character they obtained over the years is extraordinary and sadly to say, in many cases most of today's surviving mills are in their declining years. There are still a number of old mills in Maryland.

Evening at Thomas Point Light
Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse - Thomas Point Light

Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse
** $140 **

The Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse is most likely the best known light on the Chesapeake Bay. Thomas Point Light has served Bay mariners since 1875 and is the last screw-pile structure left on its original site in the Bay. The light’s hexagonal white walls and red roof float on spindly legs on the shoals at the entrance to the South River. Although dutiful Keepers (and often their families) manned her for decades, the Light is still active but, due to automation, is now a lonely sentinel who only receives visitors for tours. {This portrait has been used as the background for Rosedale Federal's debit cards.}

The Hunters
Canada Geese Print - The Hunters

Canada Geese
** $140 **

Each year, as Fall approaches, great V-shaped flocks of Canada geese migrate from the colder north to the warmer climates of the south. These Canadas come by the tens of thousands and many settle on Maryland's Eastern Shore. It is here, where grain fields and natural habitat are in abundance, that they spend their winter. As the days grow longer and the first signs of spring appear, the majestic Canadas return to their nesting grounds to the north.
Print - Canada Geese "January"

Canada Geese
** $140 **

"January" is aptly named as Dave was working on the painting in January of 87' and Maryland received its first beautiful snowfall of the year. Thousands of Canadas spend the winter on Maryland's Eastern Shore. The climate and natural habitat are very much in their favor, but there are probably times like that January day when the Canadas may wish they had gone a little further south.


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