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Dave is a "Pure Realist," capturing a moment in time that will never be repeated - recording nature, objects and light as they appear to him. Many try to convey the romance of the Chesapeake Bay, but Turnbaugh is unmatched in the fine details of his emotive renditions. 
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Maryland Duck Stamp Prints
1996-97 Maryland Duck Stamp Print

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ORIGINAL - Skipjacks Over the Oyster Beds -  - BUY IT NOW!
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Dave Turnbaugh is well-known for his paintings depicting Maryland’s waterfowl, boats of the Chesapeake (especially skipjacks), and Mid-Atlantic landscapes. He is Maryland’s only 5-time winner of the prestigious Migratory Game Bird Stamp Design Contest ("Duck Stamp").

Statement of Purpose:
I am proud to label myself a "Pure Realist". Pure because nature is pure. And Realist because I attempt to record nature, objects and light as they appear to me. I try to capture a moment in time, a moment that, to me, will never be repeated."
Why Buy a Turnbaugh?

There are probably billions of paintings, prints, and other decorations hanging on walls around the world. But you will only occasionally see fine-art prints and you rarely find original art works.

All wall decorations are luxury items – the wall will be perfectly happy without another hole in it. So why buy a painting or limited-edition print from Dave Turnbaugh?

Art speaks to your heart, your passions, your desires. A Turnbaugh painting may spur emotions of excitement or calm, gratitude or consciousness, satisfaction or even discontent with the passing of history. Your art may make you feel happy, bold, energized or at peace with the world. You might even be merely making a statement or taking pleasure in the piece of art as a symbol of your success and a signpost for your accomplishments – a trophy if you will.

People bond with the art and the artist in various ways as well. When you share the artist’s perspective, you may feel it is so personal that you hang it somewhere for your own private viewing. On the other hand, you may want to put the print on display where others can see it because you want to proclaim your connection with the artist or exclaim your appreciation for the composition.

Whatever motivates you to acquire artwork from Dave Turnbaugh’s Maryland Realist, you’re making an investment that is a reflection of your soul. Buy and enjoy!

"Art is more than my livelihood.
It's my passion, the way I capture and celebrate life." 
David T. Turnbaugh,
Maryland Realist Ltd. Artist

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my work. Write to me with any compliments or criticisms.

Please contact me if you're interested in an original or would like to be added to my galleries page.



Maritime Landmarks

Soon after its introduction to the Chesapeake in the 1890s, the skipjack became the preferred oyster dredge boat. During the first quarter of this century, the skipjack fleet numbered into the hundreds. It is estimated that only 7 to 10 skipjacks oystered during the 1993-94 season. Many of them are in poor condition and the oyster harvests are in also in decline.

The extinction of America's last commercial fishing sailing fleet is unfortunately possible. Even the skipjack which is considered the Chesapeake's most economical sailing workboat cannot make a living for her owner when the oysters are too scarce to make a profit.

Dave Turnbaugh is working to preserve the skipjacks as best he can - by painting their portraits. He also donated art to the Maryland Historical Society for use in fund raising.

Please contact Maryland Realist Ltd.
We prefer the old-fashioned telephone: (410) 665-1903
Snail-mail: 1833 Deveron Road; Baltimore, Maryland 21234
E-mail: David . Turnbaugh at Maryland Realist . com

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